Material Guide


It is affordable compared to pure gold or silver jewelry without compromising the quality. You are assured that you can wear any KLAD accessories with elegant confidence in every occasion because it looks like real jewelry without hurting your budget.

Each piece is stylish and unique that keeps you up to style with latest trends. Unlike other one-time use fashion jewelries, our accessories are washable perfect for long term use.


Our products are made of quality material that can let you enjoy your jewelries for multiple uses.

While it will eventually tarnish and fade as it is not made of pure silver or gold, our jewelries can still be used for a long time depending on how you take care of your pieces.

Just the right jewelry

KLAD jewelries are not gold nor gold filled, hence they are NOT pawnable. Gold-filled jewelries are composed of metal as the core but are coated with gold using high heat and intense pressure.

While it is not gold nor sterling silver, the process for a KLAD masterpiece requires an advanced form of electroplating – uses high level technology to cover the base with multiple layers like white gold and yellow gold finishes to prevent it from easily tarnishing and fading.

Base metal: Brass

  • 1st Coating: Copper – Covers the pores of the base metal
  • 2nd Coating: Paladium – further covers and makes it smoother
  • 3rd Coating: Rhodium/Gold –
    • Rhodium is white in color, smooth and shiny.
    • Gold is yellow in color, ranging from 14K , 18K, 22K Gold.
  • 4th Coating: Electronic Digital Coating that seals the jewelry for a longer life span.