Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy the items?

Currently located inside all The SM Stores at Ladies Accessories. 

View the list of our branches here or you may also shop online here

Are your pieces hypoallergenic?


Are your jewelries washable?

Yes. Our pieces can last depending on how you take care of them. Check care instructions here.

What materials are your jewelry made of?

Our jewelries are made from advanced technology that coats the base metal three times for that perfect finish and look. Aside from that, it is coated with another 4th layer that seals the accessory to ensure that it can be used for a long time.

How do I take care of my jewelries?

The amount of time the jewelries will tarnish will depend on the material used and on how you take care of them. Every jewelry will age and tarnish naturally. If you want to keep your pieces in original condition, always store them dry and secure in between wears inside a thick zip-lock bag, velvet pouch or box we provide on every order.

Are your jewelries pawnable?

No they are not because they are not made of pure gold or silver jewelries.

What are your products? Can I see a list of your product designs?

We are constantly releasing new accessories and jewelries that can match and  give you the best style choices. View our products on our social media pages or  latest releases here.

Are you open for resellers?

Currently we do not accept resellers. We do accept bulk orders, for 10 items or more receive 10% off, 20 items or more 15% off.  Discount will automatically apply.